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A holy day that has been created to pay tribute to the most beautiful plant on earth, the holy herb, the beloved ganja, more commonly known as marijuana or cannabis.
You might be thinking, "but wait, there already is a holiday for that, 420." True, but wouldn't you agree that such a wondrous thing deserves to be celebrated more than just once a year, not to mention, perhaps on a day that is not also Hitler's birthday (4/20/1889)? Nevertheless, 420 is an amazing, exciting weed holiday around the world, we back that up whole heartedly. Just saying, it's about time for a fresher more epic holiday to give justice to where it is due.

The Holy Chronicals is nothing casual. It is a commitment to celebrating cannabis culture. Every 9/9 no matter the time or place, grab your fellow ganja lovers, bring your piece of destiny (dope piece), get some holy shit (best weed around), pack the eternal bowl (fattest bowl you can find), and pass that shit to your buddy to the left. Get high, meditate, laugh your ass off, and thank the ganja. Time will bring about several changes in life, yet the beauty of Mary Jane and friendship is timeless.

History: the holiday was officially started on 09.09.09 (precursor had taken place the previous year on 08.08.08) at LBC Longboard Circle also known as Stoner Circle, by three stoked stoners in a small town in Irvine, CA.
MI: Happy Holy Chronicals and the Eternal Bowl!
NP: Pack the Eternal Bowl
BN: Smoke some Holy shit
and get high as fuck. We Love Weed.
by mellowyellow999 September 10, 2009
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