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1: Holy Shit Wow Crazy: When there is nothing left to do but use every exclamation at once.
2: Holy Shit Wow Crazy: That moment you realize that holy shit is actually holy, and your brain still cant believe it.
3. Holy Shit Wow Crazy: Realizing you can actually create your own words, submit them to Urban Dictionary and have the internet use them immediately.
4. HSWC: When you have to type Holy Shit Wow Crazy!
example 1.

"I'm going to beam a Wi-Fi signal across the pond!"

"You can do that?"
"yeah, it's like changing a garden nozzle from spray into jet stream!"
"Holy Shit Wow Crazy!"

example 2
"You should submit that to Urban Dictionary!"
"HWSC! I didn't know you could do that."
by WhiteWalker75 July 24, 2018
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