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A Good Lil Christian that is revealed to be a vile monster and makes up claims about sic'ing gumshoes on investigative journalists because they were revealed to be a public figure on Linkedin. Their form of Christianity stems from the Blab-it-n-Grab-it theology. See McChurch or drinkthekoolaid (the butt of that second crack would pull the damned race card over that crack. )
Sherri Parker on twitter befriended the plagiarist enabler The Egoless Writer's composer as I revealed in truth they're both a Holy Paint Chip Eater. A Holy Paint Chip Eater is one that shits on scientific ideas and philosophical thought, they'd might have only one book in the house or on their pinterest "Their Books Worth Reading" is empty and have repeated memes of Kermit drinking Lipton Tea as she claims I am a "wus" when the goblin failed to realize I busted Rachel Dolezal finding her linkedin account.
by ilinoishorrorman January 18, 2018
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