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Holmfirth is an amazing place with a great cultural heriatage - mainly Last of The Summer Wine (it gets a lot of tourists alright!?). You will find classic old buildings, a few chavs (they have spread pretty much everywhere) a swimming pool, some shops, a library and many many parks where you will see famed free-runners such as Joe Ribbons with his broken bones.
Da Gangsters fill the valley with fun and excitement (they can usually be located at a deserted house up ' moors). You can swim in The River Holme now! It is polluted no longer, just be prepared for the odd river rat to join in the excitement.
There was one nightclub but it shut down due to the fact 99% of the population is over 80. Due to that there are lots of wine bars and organic cafes :)
{Holmfirth native is approached by tourist} Yank accent - "Are you a member of last of the summer wine?" Tired Holmfirth inhabitant - ".... No"

by Jake of Spades August 14, 2006
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the arse end of no where, over run with chavs and drug addict skum....the only people who move into the area are old and so retarded they believe its the nice place they see on tv....unlike the above post the last night club here got burnt did the local charity shop not so long ago....though on the plus side most of the women are so easy and dumb even the american tourists can get some action. most people dream of leaving the place as soon as they reach puberty, the rest have kids and live on the dole
smelly colin lives in Holmfirth enough said
by paddyc April 26, 2007
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