A unique way of drinking a beer;

1. pull your shirt up and over your head so your entire head and face are covered.

2. put beer to lips

3. tilt head back and drink, the beer will pass through the shirt and into your mouth.
That guy just did the hollow man, that was the coolest way i have ever seen someone drink a beer
by hollwman August 30, 2010
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Opposite of Invisible man. This is the kind of man who appears to be quasi normal and attracts most all women, he usually appears dashing and is charismatic. The reason for the attraction from most women is because some part of him reminds them of other men they have known.ie father ,boyfriend, long lost love. However upon getting to know this man better you realize he has absolutely no depth, morals, heart, soul, caring. This man has a great façade but absolutely no core, contains nothing, he IS "empty" hence Hollow. If you do encounter this man RUN do not walk away.
You know he is a "Hollow Man" just not worth the heart ache.
by Blaze Sixpence June 09, 2018
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