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When a gangster, or any person that is affiliated with ghetto people or just being thug/hood in general, tries to shed their ghetto persona by buying ONE, ON SALE, Hollister shirt and then proceed to call themselves prep/ jock because they are sporting "fresh prep threads".
(EX.1)Dude! Do you see that new kid Joe in the red Hollister shirt?
-Yea, what about him?
Do you think Katie will be attracted to him?
-NO! Dude he's obviously a Hollister gangster.

(EX.2)Bro I want to leave this sick ass party, like NOW!
-Why there are legit chicks here?!
There are too many Hollister gangsters, and I don’t feel like getting mugged -__-.
by drec6804 August 03, 2011
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