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Amazingly beautiful with BLUE eyes (not brown) and light brown hair(not blonde). She is very sweet and has a perfect smile. Her tan accents her great body! A synonym for Hollianne would be "perfection". You will never meet anyone else like her..She fulfills and satisfies all five senses. Her presence attracts your attention...She is the female rubric.
sexy Hollianne sweetheart athletic elegant alluring down to earth friendly stunning
by Any sane man August 15, 2010
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Hashtag #BLESSED If you know Hollianne!

She is perfection personified, she is strong, beautiful, crazy smart, and scorching hot!

This female is legit, and an ultimate BAD ASS!

Btw, did you get a look at that bod? She is drop dead gorgeous, sweet with a hint of sour if you get on her bad side.

She will not hesitate to knock you down a peg if you think you're better than anyone, especially if you disrespect her loved ones & friends.

This is a Lady you are dealing with here and you will treat her like the Goddess she is! If you do not roll out the red carpet for Hollianne you will not be accepted by her legion of fans. They will deny you the privilege of being in her presence.

Hollianne is not for the likes of mortals, she transcends all earthly standards of beauty, education, loyalty, and pretty much everything else.

If a Hollianne is in your life you better be prepared to fight to the death to keep her because everyone will instantly see how magnificent she is and won't stop at NOTHING to nab her from you!
Person 1: Whoa! Who is THAT?
Person 2: That's Hollianne, I never dreamed ever see her in my life!
Person 1&2: *cries tears of joy and kneels before Hollianne as she walks by*
by Youareperfection April 23, 2018
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