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The act of inserting your balls into the vagina of a woman along with your penis during intercourse. This most commonly occurs when an innocent man will begin the act by engaging in normal intercourse. At some point during the act he realizes that he is not match for the well used hole. Desperate to finish the job, he opts to inset his balls along with his member to “snug” up the hole and achieve a tighter, more satisfying experience.

This maneuver can also be used by the male when his member is too small and he is being courteous to his female partner.
Female is loose example: "Dude, I met this used and abused chick last night and sadly enough I was no match for her and opted to perform the Holland Snuggie".

Male is too small example: "I was banging this chick the other night and thought she was sleeping until she asked me to try the Holland Snuggie on her".
by HollandStoneman November 27, 2009
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