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1. Phrase that can be used to draw attention to yourself, especially after doing something impressive or worthy of praise and recognition.

2. Phrase that can be used when saying goodbye to a friend as a way of saying, "Let's keep in touch."

3. Phrase can be directed at whoever you want to elicit a positive response from. Kinda like, "Give ya boy some love, yo!"

4. Phrase can be used as a taunt after beating after "one-upping" someone or beating them at a game or a competition.
1. After scoring a touchdown in a football game, one can slam the ball down and yell out: "Chea! Holla atcha flibbity dibbity!" *crowd cheers and/or teamates run up to you to celebrate with you*

2. Saying goodbye to a friend: "See ya later, homie. Holla atcha flibbity dibbity, ya heard?"

3. Addressing a group of friends you have not seen in a long time and you're trying to get them to react to you just like "old times": Wassup y'all! Holla atcha flibbity dibbity!"

4. Two boxers are fighting and one knocks the other one out with a lightning-fast hook that no one saw coming: The aggressor after performing the knockout yells out at the fallen opponent, "Chea, bitch! Holla atcha flibbity dibbity!

by Eddy Cornejo November 28, 2007
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