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When you are forced to go on a holiday with family to an isolated location. Usually you'd rather stay at home because of an incentive unknown to the rest of your family (such as wanting to hold a party or wanting to have your girlfriend over). You are often forced because the family doesn't trust you enough to stay at home alone or you are not yet of adult age. This is often a dilemma for people of ages ~17 because they are close to being of adult age but are still forced to go away with family and be bored while everyone back in your home city/town seem to be having the time of their life.
Edward: Oh shit I'm being Holiday Raped, my parents won't let me stay home over the next 3 weeks. Instead I'm forced to waste the rest of my school holidays in some shithole.

Jess: Thats rough, your gonna miss Holly's 18th for a family holiday.
by eddyboy69 January 09, 2009
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