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(n.) A pass given a husband, wife, boyfriend, or any significant other when they commit a screw up in a relationship during a holiday that at any other time of the year would be an immediate cause to break up. (Note: It will NEVER apply when the offense occurs on Valentine’s Day or on a birthday or anniversary.) The need for granting a Holiday Pass will typically be associated with some misgiving that occurs by one member in a relationship at a large party or social gathering on or around a holiday that involves large quantities of alcohol, members of the opposite sex in revealing or sexy clothing, traditions such as mistletoe, kissing at midnight on New Year’s Eve, summer boating activities, watching fireworks at night, etc, etc. The need for granting a Holiday Pass will always be associated with an epic story associated with the actual event necessitating it, or the actual granting of the pass, itself.
Haley - OMG!!! Larry got so stinking drunk at the Christmas party and puked all over the shrubbery at my friend’s house! He was such a whiney ass, and a total embarrassment to me. I’m going to dump his ass and never go out with him again.

Kyle - It is okay Haley, this is a very stressful time of the year. He is a nice guy and you should probably give him a Holiday Pass for the Christmas Party vomiting incident!

Haley - You’re so right, Kyle, besides, Larry is really good in bed! In light of that, I’d really hate to dump him just for killing my friend’s shrubbery and making himself look like a lightweight, pussy drinker!
by FailingWhileWinning April 01, 2012
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