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To settle a bet or an arguement, two people will eat alot of taco stand mexican food and as much laxatives as medically advisable. Then the two contestants squat over a prized possession i.e. high school diploma, family bible, new born puppy... the first one to void their bowels loses.
Either contestant can, however, conceed the contest prior to the Niagara like release in order to use the toilet like an adult. The penalty for this is to wait outside the bathroom for the winner to use it first, then proceed into the bathroom (fumes potent) and then video tape themself hastily drop trou, then the full release. They must mail this video, with no explaination, to their mother. When she calls to ask "whats wrong with you?" the loser must say "oh no, I sent it to the wrong address...i gotta go" then they are free from the bet.
"Cal Ripken Jr. did too play for the Orioles. Wanna have a Holding it in Contest over it?"
by Johnny Crappleseed February 03, 2009
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