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An addict or recovering addict who swears he/she is clean and will remain clean. However, they spend the rest of their lives, or a significant portion, "holding a corner of the bag" just in case they might need it (rather than getting as far away from it as possible)

Could be an alcoholic holding the corner of the bar or bottle
(any addict who stays close to their former addiction)
Yeah, I'm clean for six months, it's just my dealer happens to be my close friend.

I no longer drink, that has ruined so many years of my life, but those guys in the bar are great friends, so I spend my weekend nights there socially.

I'm not in a gang any longer. My old buddies in the Savage Skulls are still thugs, but I hang out with them just for old times sake.

Addicts waste years holding the corner of the bag when they should RUN as fast as they can from that bag.
by Just a guy who's been there... February 17, 2012
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