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Act of taking what you want and not caring what people say or think.
A. Hitting/Smashing bad chicks.
B. Eating like a king
C. Living a good life
D. Taking your time

E. Demanding your ground is respected...
Answer: A, B & C (Eating good, riding good, living good, and hitting all the bitches......taking everythang in site you want. Like a hogg should!)
Rick: hey man, what you doing?
Brandon: still out here in these streets hogg'n....
Rick: oh yeah, I was hogg'n last night at the club....knocked one off last night and going in on another one again today after I eat.
Brandon: I'm hungry too....but I'm going to lay in this mud and stay cool.... too hot outside.... I'll get up and hogg with you later if you still out....
by Young Hogg February 11, 2015
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1. the act of -
a. hitting on a member of the opposite sex all night long
b. gettin some
c. having a good time
d. plowin fat chicks
chris: hey you hogg'n?
scott: Dude, you know i'm hogg'n.
chris: Come on over.
by chris/john January 31, 2008
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