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1: An extreme derp ; one who exceeds the rest at derping and even herping. He can easily be recognized with an exuberant amount of swagger. Can be used to describe someone exceptionally amazing.

2: One who enjoys derping in hoes. He can easily be spotted by having a large number of females on his left and right. His aductorus longus (penis for short) will also be unusually large in size.

3. By ending your sentences with "hoderp", or just saying the word as a one-word sentence, you are signifying that that sentence has been spoken by a true hoderper.
"Man, you see Jim over there with all them ladies?"
"Yeah bro, that hoderp's always got bitches on his dick. "

"Nigga, you've been pretty hoderp lately. I like it!"
"... I'll take that as a good thing."
by Hoderper October 16, 2011
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