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The undeniably suave and sexy demeanor exhibited by a select few homeless and transient people in the world. Known to stir a sense of secret admiration and passion in the hearts of middle and upper class women everywhere.
To the homeless dude I caught sleeping on my back porch...
"I was going out to do yoga by my Koi pond , when I tripped over you and kicked you in the head. You screamed a line of expletives at me as you ran over to the wooden fence and tried to scale it. Judging by the empty bottles of wine by my door stoop, I guess you were still a little tipsy. Still, I couldn't help thinking how you has some serious Hobo Swagger goin on, with your multiple dirty coats, and the way you tripped over the kiddy pool and fell in. My husband is out of town, so maybe next time you can come inside and do some chores for me (wink ,wink)."
by Ximenez4339 February 26, 2018
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