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1) A term coined by user Espen (his other alias being Ezra) in the Kotaku comments of article: "Homeless People Line Up In America For A PS3" referring to a case in North Carolina in which one Abdul Salem hired 50 homeless people to stand in line to purchase PS3s he intended to resell for massive eBay profits.

2) This term was intended to later be used in any multiplayer scenario (typically strategy or FPS, usually involving troops in a dropship or something of the sort) as troops deployed from their vehicle in numbers.
"I think this has invented a new, delightful term I shall use in any applicable game:


For instance, if one were to be playing a scenario such as Capture the Flag in Halo 2 on Xbox Live, three players may seat themselves in a "Warthog" and approach the enemy base, screaming "Hobo dropship!!!" upon exiting the vehicle
by EzraNailo November 16, 2006
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