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An advanced bong maneuver used by potheads too poor to afford dabs, or without a hookup for dabs. You pack a bowl in the best bong you can find, exhale and empty your lungs completely, and then light it and start ripping that shit until your herb burns out AND the chamber is completely cleared. Keep pulling it for 1 more second to draw in some air, then hold your breath for a moment, and exhale slowly through your nose.
Example 1:
1: Damn fam ever since I moved back home for the summer all I've got is my old weed hookup from high school.
2: Fuck it wanna do Hobo Dabs?
1: Yeah.
2. Cool.
1: Ok.

Example 2:
1: Holy shit fam I'm broken. I am falling off of the thread of time man.
2: Kids do not try a Hobo Dab at home. Or ever.
1: Is Popeyes still open?
2: I don't know.
1: Ok.
2: Sorry.
1: Ok.
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by R@D January 28, 2018
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