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When someone tries too many hobbies in a very short time, not taking any of them seriously but just trying them for the sake of telling people that they are part of something or that they are interested in something when in reality they are very droll and boring people

The hobbies can be anything from inline skating to photography, from Parkour to Swimming. The Hobby whore can also call themselves a Musician or a Bboy, despite the fact that they bought their first instrument a week ago or that they refuse to dance in front of people..
Guy #1: I heard Michael is trying Aggressive skating these days, he already bought those skated for 300$

Guy #2: Already? He was a Bboy last week.. what a hobby whore

Guy #1: I saw him eyeing those camera lenses, I guess we know what's next
by Joker_and_Thief42 October 08, 2010
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