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A name of a kind of bird call Oriole. There is a tale about a girl named Tam. She lost her mom and her dad went to the second step. Her step mother and her stepsister treated her cruelty. She got married to the Prince but after that the step mom killed her and exchange her position with her step sister. Tam born again in Oriole shape and still stay by the prince's side.
Hoang Anh is a tropical bird.
by meilv February 10, 2010
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A Motherfucking Sexy Beast that gets all the girls. He knows the way around girls. If you see him, he will either give you a high five or steal your chick
Person 1: "Hey Hoang anh!"
Hoang Anh: high fives person 1*
Person 2: "Hey Hoang Anh"
Hoang Anh: "How about we ditch your boyfriend and go for a walk in the park my sweetheart
Person 2's girlfriend: "Sure, bye Person 2!"
by Gaelord123 June 07, 2018
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