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Originating in H-Town, a local band of merry men/ gangstas set forth to start their own posse to show people how they roll in da hood. (directly quoted from ho himself..)"We's plays poker and da C-lo and kick lil bitches asses for theys lunch moneys and shits likes datt" .... Regards to the hos that can no longer be with us... Ho tomho (Joe), Deviho (Mike), Prequel (Russell), the creator- Loveable old Darkness!! (James), and a shout out to the original hos...Pagan-Ho, Buad Red,and the newly acquired.. Steve-Ho Tony, Vin, Ty, and all the other hos... and clint... well... we dont talk about clint
by Pagan-ho and Buad Red aka Dal3 January 24, 2005
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