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Phrase used to describe when a friend (usually male) fails to perform sexually. This is sometimes, but not always, caused by drinking too much alcohol or any other substance that may inhibit sexual performance. However it can also be caused by inexperience or just being weak. "Hitting it like a bitch" also comes with a great deal of being laughed at by your friends and brings a great deal of shame.

This results in a badly tarnished reputation among chicks and most break-off communication if they are on the receiving end of someone "Hitting it like a bitch."

Can be used do describe under-achieving performance in any aspect such as sports and other events, competitions, etc.

Phrase said to be originated in the small town of Claremont by local towny's.
ex. 1.

"Ya i banged that chick from the other night.... But she hasn't hit me up since then..."

(all friends laughing at same time and spoken extremely sarcastically) "ThAHAhahahaAAHaH!!! CAUSE YOU HIT IT LIKE A BITCH!!!!"
by cmontboober July 16, 2010
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