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A gathering of a bunch of flakes that enjoy being "cyber-bullies" on Snowboarding message boards. In actuality not one of them could ever live up to the reputations they have built up on the intraweb and would probably run and hide if they actually came face to face with the individuals they demean.

All members of Hister are closet homosexuals. They candidly try to hide this fact by saying everything is "Teh Ghey" to hide their own inner feelings and desires to be bent over a couch a violated from behind and have a penis in their mouth. You can expect all kinds of homo erotic/Frat Boy style games to be played at Histercon, It's all about butthole pleasures at Histercon 08.
Nombie and Fauxtek think Histercon is cool, so you should too.
by Fauxtek March 06, 2008
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