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Christian Hipsters. A new breed of religious college students, almost indiscernible from the garden variety hipsters. Hangouts include: Bible circle at campus starbucks, school christian organization buildings, protesting the local non-abortive Planned Parenthood

They travel in groups, and smell of coffee rather than PBR. Like all the religious, teetotal, and chaste they will die without coffee.

If you see someone in skinny jeans, carrying a C.S. Lewis book, watch out, you've spotted a hipstian.

Be sure not to swear in front of hipstians, unless you have a desire to spend 3 hours having self-important, pretentious, and inaccurate "interpretations" of the bible shoved down your throat.
Dude, look at those Hipster assholes.

Woah bro, those are Hipstians, check the gold-edge leather bible under his arm.
by Tom Renolds July 19, 2011
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