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/ˈhɪp.stɚ‿opˈsku .ra/
Any building/design aesthetics Most Desired By Hipsters and other people who like to seem Savvy and Cutting-Edge. Specifically, any design/aesthetic choice made especially because it's "unique enough" to warrant "bragging rights" that highlight that person's, supposed Uniqueness, but otherwise is impractical or annoying or simply pointless. This especially applies to those who invest a great deal of effort into something so that they can go, "Oh that? Yeah that's just my like, Knowledge about this Obscureish thing that demarcates me as Superior and Cooler than you."
"I would like my home to showcase my wealth of knowledge about my expensive hobby, you know? I want that hipsterobscura look."

"We have a post-contemporary hipsterobscura aesthetic throughout the office, which fits perfectly with our hip alternative tech startup lifestyle."
by Aschedjidoi October 30, 2016
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