Typically with the signature air of self-congratulation, Hipster Logic is the seemingly logical but contextually naïve viewpoint often used by young hipsters.
- "Buy now and save money!"
- "Giving is saving."
- "Free phone with 2 year contract."
- "1,000 bonus points!"

Unto themselves, hipsters might use hipster logic is justify an action that seems en vogue, popular, or feel-good.

Onto them, hipster logic is used in marketing to manipulate naïve consumers to feel an artificial sense of accomplishment or urgency.

I first coined this word in November 2013.
Hipster Logic often leads to ironic, if not amusing, situations.

- Occupy Wall Street movement participants using iPhones and Android phones to coordinate efforts via the networks provided by AT&T and Verizon. None of which would be possible without the large-scale investments that would only be possible through massive capital markets and financial trades.
- Driving Toyota Prius cars (where all profits go overseas) to an anti-Wal-Mart rally against low wages and lack of higher paying jobs.
- Enjoying window plants in their urban renovation condo with new hardwood floors and cabinets to reduce their carbon footprint.
- While bicycling, ignoring street lights and stop signs with the belief bicycles don't constitute traffic or cause accidents.
by ChoK December 02, 2013
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