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female version of a hoodster. A hoodrat and a hipster, she dresses like a hipster, but is hood, she will stab, scratch, talk shit and back it up, and by back it up i mean fight ANYONE, as well as dance like a freak. She speaks the language of whatever hood she came from, the dialects differ with the side of town. mostly found in San Antonio, TX and Brooklyn, NY, they predominantly are of latin decent
super cute hipster chick: "say say what up papa?"
you: "Damn girl you sound way more trill than you look."
friend: "you got hipster swag with a hoodrat tounge."
you: "yeah she's a hiprat fasho!"
by Winston Sirtrill July 10, 2011
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The term "hood rat" has been long used to discribe loose women and men from around urban areas. Basically just switch Urban to any bar where beards, tats, and IPA is on tap.
"Yo Casey Moores is a Hip Rat breeding ground!"
by Xmartyxmcflyx May 21, 2015
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