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Refers to the negative stigma the hippy culture of the 60ies attached to marjiuana, which - in this day and age - causes alot of people to be off-put by said plant, including very smart and forward-thinking people whos opinions on marjuana is greatly clouded with prejudices and preconceived notions rooted in the hippy culture, they are easily blined by a stigma which is mostly based on myths.
The Hippy rebound effect therefore greatly aggravates the ongoing struggle to free marijuana and to recognize its many uses for humanity, and to finally start some proper research into the vast medicinal quality of various cannabinoids.
The pharma-industry has a field day thanks to the controlled media, group-think mentality and the good old Hippy rebound which still works to deceive those not capable of independent thought
by Dr.ADS October 31, 2010
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