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Hip-sexual is a style, kinda of like scene but more 'lesbian looking'
To be Hip-sexual you must wear things like:
-Shirts that are slightly too big, preferably with a band or cartoon on it.
-skinny jeans, not to tight tho, but now to baggy.
-And we wear ALOT of bracellets, support bracelletes and home made bead ones.
-Shoes are a main factor in this, you must have cool shoes to obtain this style, such as Osiris's or dc's. Mainly high tops, but other kinds are just fine.
-Hair also plays a big role. Hip-sexuals have short hair, about shoulder length, mostly full of layers, with 'swoopy' bangs. and also you MUST HAVE a 'flare' in your bangs. if not YOUR DOING IT WRONG. hip-sexuals normally don't have more than two colors in there hair.
And then the Music taste:
Theres really nothin specific,
it can vary from Indie to screamo. Its really pretty much anything.
Mostly gay 'scene kids' are actually Hip-sexual.
(you don't have to be homosexual to be Hip-sexual)
by ColorQueer May 19, 2011
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