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Hip Hop Dickriders listen to whatever is on the radio and music channel, and think it is a tune or think there artists are the best. They listen to songs with no meaning, normally talking about money sex and cars. Overplay the tunes on bus like it's cool, pump in the car. Hip Hop Dickriders also listen to whatever there friends listen to and agree with them. Also people who listen to anything, just want like the beat or the actual chorus, no lyrical skill is intented for a good song anymore. They also think that whoever is in the label at the time is the greatest artist. They don't really listen to the lyrics, just whatever is new and once there song is old, it's not good.

Antonym of Hip Hop Dickrider: Someone who doesn't follow what everyone listens to and actually listen to the music they like, normally the music they could listen to are either old tracks or underground. They like their music because it's important, and the artists express there pain, happiness or anger through there. They could listen to their tracks for ages and cannot get old.

Hip Hop Dickrider: You heard Soulja Boy new track blowing em kisses, that's a sick track

Me: Soulja's Boy crap, I listen to Papoose, he's real rap, and has better skills that soulja boy could ever have

Hip Hop Dickrider: Nah Papoose is crap

Me: Have you even heard or listened to Papoose?

Hip Hop Dickrider: No....

Me : So how can he be crap?!

Hip Hop Dickrider: Cause I haven't heard of him, never heard his tracks or he hasn't had a video on a music channel and I know, best music is on the music channel

Me: Then your one of them Hip Hop Dickriders
by RealHipHop94Lake December 28, 2010
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