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A person who listens to lots of hip hop/rap and starts fights over trivial things: eye contact, bad look and disrepect. Notice the parenthesis around the word intellectual. Obviously, anyone who's into hip hop/rap cannot be an intellectual.

Hip hop intellectuals can be from any race, but in general they tend to be African American.
Teen1: Oh my God! He beat up that poor white kid for nothing. What happened?
Teen2: The white kid looked at him in a weird way and then the black kid left him in a comma. Typical Hip Hop "Intellectual" behavior.
by Medicine Man February 09, 2007
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Real hip-hop is just poetry from the streets, full of complex medefores, suffering and a real cynic view on life, unlike people like 50 Cent etc. who are just in it for the money. "Most intellectuals only half listen,"-lyrics from a Nas song, most intellectuals never think of looking at the subtext, or even consider their is any, they just assume that since rappers come from the streets that they can't even spell medefore, non the less spin very complex ones. A Hip Hop intellectual is a person intelligent enough to understand hip hop; an intelligent person that likes rap, unlike the previous entry by "Medicine Man"
"Hip Hop Police" by Chamillionaire is about how being a rap fan is basically a crime in aristocrats eyes, with all the starving children and poverty people they think profanity in rap needs to be delt with first,to like rap is a crime, if you understand that than you're probably a hip hop "intellectual", you have to be quite smart to fully get rap, once you do, you usually like it.
by Stephen Danyiles December 09, 2007
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