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One of the best schools in the united states. In fact, it was named the 69th best school in America according to Newsweek magazine. It was only one of 2 schools that got an average AP of 4.5.
This contradicts other Urb. Dict. posts about Hinsdale Central High School and Hinsdale, which say that there are kids who live off their parent's money, but the writers of those 'definitions' are just jealous of the amazing schools. Take that!
by wvrerytbtrv June 28, 2011
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The Original Hinsdale High, home to the red devils. Hinsdale Central educates the future leaders of america. This great school send 99 percent of its graduating seniors to college. on top of that the average act score is a 29. This school has the smartest kids, the best athletes and the most money. in fact they have so much that they just put in 2 brand new football turf fields (on each campus of the district 86 school). this is by far the best school around, it was names the national school of character in 2008 and the illinois top athletic school in 2009.
--dude did you hear about the hinsdale central high school football team?

~~yea they killed Lyons Township Last week

--and york the week and oprf the week before that and proviso the week before that.

~~i love our school
by hcdevils2012 June 24, 2010
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A high school located on 55th St. in Hinsdale, IL. The students who attend Central are lazy, self-centered, arrogant snobs, who feast off of their daddys' money. Whenever they play against LT, they are forced to cower in fear as the lions rip them apart. Whether it be the football games (which LT killed them in this year at the Blackout Game), or the basketball games (which LT again annihilated them at the Basketball Blackout), to any other sports, Central is destined to automatically lose. Central may call LT students 'white trash', but fortunately LT is proud of its diverse cultures making up its student body of 4000 total students. LT will forever be better than Hinsdale Central. Especially in girls lacrosse. :)
I'm totally transferring from Hinsdale Central High School!
by peaceloveLT March 25, 2011
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