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Language: PUNJABI
Religion: HINDUISM

Hindu Punjabi's are from Northern India mainly Punjab, Kashmir and Delhi. They follow Hinduism, but have great respect for Sikhism. Many Hindu Punjabi families, raised at least one Sikh son after the formation of the Khalsa in 1699, resulted in Kukhran family names, as well as other Khatri-like clan names, being present in both Hindu and Sikh communities worldwide. That is also why Sikh families and Hindu Punjabi families have inter marriages.

-Hindu Punjabi's are known to be the wealthiest of all clans in India. (i.e Vikas Oberoi one of the Indian Billionaires)

-Hindu Punjabi's are known to be the best looking people of India, They have dominated the Bollywood Industry.
-Hritik Roshan
-Sunjay Dutt
-Shahid Kapoor
-Vivek Oberoi
-Abhishek Bachan
-Amitabh Bachan
-The Kapoor Family
and many more...

Hindu Punjabi's have dominated the sports in India also
(i.e Kapil Dev)
(Hindu Punjabi)
Ithe vi punjabian di othe vi punjabian di, har thaan punjabian di challe challe,
Punjabian di ho gayi balle balle,
Boliyan te bhangare oh meleyan ch ludiyaan, ehna ne chadaian yaaro ambraa te gudiyaan,
Lagde kise de nahio thalle vayi thalle,
by Khatri April 24, 2008
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