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Hilltop Crips was founded by Diamond Laurice Boyd and his brother
(both are currently incarcerated)(Diamond boyd is in mcneil island corrections center and his brother is locked up in california.Hilltop crips were infamous threw-out the 1970's 1980's and 1990's.In the 1980's Hilltop Tacoma was hit hard with the U.S. crack epidemic and the area was know as the as one of the most dangerous city's in america,(Locals call it Crack Town) comparing to citys like Los Angeles, or Oakland, with a much higher population.Still to this day,even though hilltop is a much different world then the 1970's ,80's or, 90's When locals hear hilltop they automaticly put it 1 and 1 with gangs and drugs.Diamond Boyd has said in recent interviews he much regrets the life he chose,and encouraging other young men no to join a gang.Hilltop today is nothing like the old days, prices of houses going up, gangs moving to other area's,police out the ass..even ban's on malt liquar on the hill.quote..Within the AIA boundaries — including downtown, Belltown, Capitol Hill, the Chinatown International District, Central Area and University District — grocers would be prohibited from selling 34 brands of beer, malt liquor and fortified wines, from Olde English 800 and Pabst Ice to Night Train Express...never the less Hilltop is rich in history and will continue to live on....
hilltop crips Tacoma Diamond Boyd Unwilling O.G
H.T.G.C 23 ST LIVE ON!!!
by BLACC MAN November 12, 2009
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