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Hillbilly Deathride is a term eventually used as a band name for a heavy metal group out of Charleston, WV.

Meaning: A journey (or ride) characterized by the irresponsibility of the hillbilly lifestyle, ending in death.

The band 'Hillbilly Deathride' played hundreds of shows between 2004 and 2007, developing a substantial following in southern WV and eventually recording an as yet unreleased album, but appearing occasionally at special events.

The band is known for covering obscure songs in a 'screaming metal' format and playing inebriated to intimate crowds long past closing time.
Billy Bob's life was a Hillbilly Deathride since he started using drugs and eventually died.

"I can't wait for the Hillbilly Deathride cd to come out!"
by cpl jones January 13, 2013
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