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Rural, relatively uneducated female natives of the Appalachian Mountains, hilljills are the female equivalents of hilljacks. Hilljills often: (1) have children while teenagers by several fathers; (2) are unemployed or underemployed; (3) usually overweight (always past the age of 20); (4) collecting some form of government stipend or welfare or living with someone who does; and (5) is knowledgable about (i) daytime TV, (ii) C&W crooners, (iii) where to find the cheapest smokes, and (iv) using her kids as an excuse to avoid real work.
After picking up her welfare check at noon, Haley the HillJill took her three children through the drive-through beer barn in her birdshit-encrusted '97 V6 Mustang to pick up Schlitz and Marlboroughs so that her latest boyfriend wouldn't beat her up again back in the trailer park.
by EGV December 07, 2012
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