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This small insignificant town is pleasantly located in the North West corner of Oakland county Michigan (greater metro Detroit). Highland Michigan is in fact a great example of socioeconomic diversity being home to both the very rich and the very poor. The poverty is exemplified by several redneck infused, ghetto inspired trailer parks, while on the other hand several private estates, and high end subdivisions house the morbidly rich. Clashes between these two groups can sometimes be seen at the local grocery store where house wife’s fight with baby momma’s over parking spots.

This small town seems to breed an extremely ignorant sort of person who often lacks things like common sense, self respect, and personal hygiene. These people proudly refer to themselves as “Highlanders”.

Highland Michigan is often confused with Highland Park Michigan. The main difference between the two is that crime in Highland Park is fueled by poverty, drugs, and prostitution by an aggressive Negro population. In Highland crime is alternatively fueled by poverty, drugs, and extreme boredom by an unintelligent cracker-ass population.
If you want to hate yourself move to Highland Mi.
by Grizzlybusiness April 04, 2011
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