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1. Not fucking funny.

2. Something hipsters pretend to be funny.
Bill: Ted! I've fallen in love! ...with the word, "Shan't." My zeal and fondness towards this word is unparallelled. I have been left enamored to the point that I'm completely and utterly smitten by the word. But, alas I cannot use the word without sounding like a pompous ass. So my love appears to be in vein. I can't bear the pain, so I shan't any longer. *pretends to kill himself*

Ted: That whole aside makes you sound like a pompous ass.

Bill: That's the point, it's called a joke.

Ted: How is that funny?

Bill: It's highbrow humor and irony, perhaps it's 2deep4u

Ted: Maybe, you're just an unfunny faggot!
by imthatawesome September 23, 2012
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