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1. An electronic device that is overkill or is grossly over-engineered for a given task. An example is a 200 megahertz oscilloscope on your $8,000 CD transport to view sound waves that are four orders of magnitude less clear.

2. Any expensive device bought to "improve" the performance of a system (not just a sound system), when only a small percentage of the potential of the added on device will be used.
They now have a "gaming" network card with a K-shaped heatsink on it, which is about as pointless as a high-fidelity oscilloscope.

So you bought a blu-ray recording deck to get crisp copies off your VHS tapes you taped off of UHF rabbit ears?? You might as well as bought a high fidelity oscilloscope to draw a graph of how often the furnace switches on.

Bob Dylan spent $2,000 on a new Karoke machine with the ribbon microphone,electrostatic speaker, and Akai open-reel deck, but I personally think he wasted his money on a high fidelity oscilloscope.

RiceBoy:My $250 Yugo has remote-start, DVD video system with navigation, and premium high-octane fuel in the tank, as well as an exhaust tailpipe big enough to fit an LP record album in sideways. MuscleCarMan:(sarcastic tone)You should put in a high-fidelity oscilloscope in next!
by Wm. Wallace The Freedom Fighter November 07, 2007
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