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-The guy who wants to high five ALL THE TIME.

-This guy gives high fives when seeing and/or greeting people, when he or others do something productive, or as a gesture of elation, victory, or friendship etc.

-This guy has perfected the basic high five(a person's upraised palm slapping anothers) and has also introduced others or used other techniques such as the
"up top", "down low", "light side"(for white people),
"dark side" (for black people), "the miss",
"the stinger"(very painful), and most importantly the

"Flipside" or "Windmill".
The flipside or windmill IS THE COOLEST.
It originated and perfected in the brilliant movie TOP GUN. This hand slap which starts like a regular high five is followed throught by both hand slappers after the original hand slap continuing to the bottom of each of the hand slappers' sides where the hands slap again.

-"High Fives All Around" work well with more than 2 people but if you have 5 people exactly... YOU MUST go with the "High Fives for Five".

-"Leaving one hanging" (when someone wants a hive five and others acknowlege the person but do not give the high five return) is a cruel, demoralizing, and embarrassing to the High Five Guy and must not ever happen unless extreme conditions occur.

NATIONAL HIGH FIVE DAY is the third thursday in the month of APRIL. (The fifth annual national high five day was on April 20th, 2006.)
John is definately the High Five Guy at school.
All he ever does is look for high five moments.
I don't think he even has friends.
I bet he would kill himself if no one high fived him all day. We should try that.
by jpabaloni November 20, 2006
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