Going on a cocaine or drug bender over the course of partying during a night.

Origin: The phrase root from Latarrian Milton's comments during an interview where he stole his Grandmother's car and commented on going on "wanting to do bad things, bad things is fun" and "doing hoodrat things with his friends". In that conversation he explained he went on a "high speed chase" with his friend who "smokes cigarettes".
Andrew went on a high speed chase with Katie and some other folks last night and now they are hurting this morning.
by banute7 November 20, 2009
when you meet your friends.....dive into bushes....get someones house really good and then go to get another persons house but a car drives by and says "what are you guys doing" and you say, "not you" and then they chase you around and you go uhp this hill and you and your friend trip and roll down a prickley hill and loose your glasses in pitch black....and then some guy pulls uhp and says, "get in the car" and says you fucking teepeed my house and you say you didnt but then you found out what you though was your friends house was actually the guys house and while trying to hide from them you scrape uhp our knee and then you go to the guys house and take down all the toilet paper and move it to the next house over which is actually your friends house and you get the house really good......and you never stop talking about that day!!!
"get in the car"
"get the fuck uhp, and get in the car"
"what are you talking about"
"you fucking teepeed my house"
"no we didnt"
"yes you did stop lying"
"wait where do you live"
"the last house on cheyenne"
"ohhhhhh, we thought your house was our friends"
"well it's not"
haaaaaa that was a high speed teepee chase
by kickass and redmist <3 April 25, 2010