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A game in which one player closes their eyes and counts to 50 while the other player(s) run find a place to hide. The first one found must remove an article of clothing, and the last one found gets to be the seeker. When a player becomes a seeker, they can opt to put on one article of clothing, but this can only be done once per game. The game is over when a player is naked, and they must streak around a per-determined large obstacle. (ex. House, parking lot, city block, etc) Then the game reset and played again. Usually until police show up.

Also known as: Hide and Streak.
B - "Hey, Jacie! Wanna play 'Hide and Go Streak'?"
J - "Sure, Lets all go play it by Maucker!"

"Let's go pick up our son in jail." "...I don't know Hellen, the officer said it was some new flanged game. Hide and Go Streak."
by Smadley September 26, 2012
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