When someone is about to perform oral services to a male, the male tucks his penis between his legs when the performer isnt paying attention. When the performer's face is close enough to the penis the male opens his legs, resulting in a surprise attack to the performer's face.
Johnny did the "hidden ninja" on Hailey, and she broke up with him.
by Sergiee Bear October 19, 2007
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while giving a girl the schocker (2 in the pink one in the stink) you lift her up and sit her down in a chair. Quickly remover your hand and ejaculate on her face. The while she is in shock of what just happened, crouch down and karate chop, once in the vagina and once in the face. Then shove your penis back in her mouth.
I was going away at her with my fingers and knew I was going to climax soon, so I gave her the crouching tiger hidden ninja to let her know who is in charge. Then however, I decided to go one step further and give her the strawberry shortcake. She was flailing on the ground and I could hear her dad coming up the stairs to see what was going, so I peaced the scene out the window. Thats when I seen her mother...
by Tiner Chen April 22, 2009
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