A YouTube legend who can hit any steel plate, at any distance, with any firearm. His badassity level is generally purported to be somewhere between Liam Neeson and Chuck Norris. It is also a generally accepted fact that he is made of one part lead, one part copper, and one part total fucking bad ass (for example Liam Neeson is one part drunk irishman, one part jedi, one part awesome actor, and one part total fucking bad ass)

In his spare time when he isn't doing kick ass stuff - like saving attractive women from burning buildings or something - he makes video's that promote firearm's and firearm safety. His video's generally showcase a specific firearm, with which he does amazing things, things you will never be able to do.
Man: Holy cow did you see the video where Hickok45 hit a gong at 230 yards with a 1911?! That means I can do that!

Man#2: You will never be able to do that, go sit down and shut the fuck up.
by Jimmy the awesome man August 13, 2012
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Hickok45 is the YouTube username of a man in Middle Tennessee who produces firearm videos to be put on YouTube. He uses his username as a pseudonym, often referring to himself in third person. His videos are different then most, in that, they are not fully reviews of firearms. lacking in criticisms, pros and cons, and final verdicts that often accompany reviews. His videos are more like demonstrations, he provides useful information about the firearm and fires a number of rounds at steel targets, along with soda bottles, paint cans, and other objects.
"Hickok45 signing off. Life is good"-hickok45
by turk'n'JD July 26, 2011
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