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An actual heavy metal band for children. Originating in Finland, the group consists of five members who are all people wearing dinosaur costumes.

The band was created by former Thunderstone drummer Mirka Rantanen who got the idea from attending a children's music concert with his kids, in which he decided to form a children's metal band.

According to the fictional origin story of the band, five dinosaur eggs made from metal survived the mass extinction some 65 million years ago in the mountain of wizards. In the year 2009, witches gathered at the same place. A giant lightning bolt hit the ground and simultaneously created ash and revealed the eggs. From the power of the witches' chants, the eggs exploded and five Hevisaurus' hatched.
Non-metalhead: Metal sucks! It's too satanic and dangerous for children!
Metalhead: Um, you do realize that an actual kids' metal band exists right?
Non-metalhead: Really?
Metalhead: Yep. Hevisaurus (one of the most popular metal bands in Finland).
Non-metalhead: Oh. Well I guess it isn't so bad for them after all.
by Nordicdragon June 28, 2018
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