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A person who desperately pretends to be heterosexual, yet everyone else can see through their flimsy cover-up and knows that in fact, they're a complete homo
Well, Maureen, you might be fooled by our Jason saying that he wants to join the rugby team to get fit and buff up for the ladies, but he's such a hetmo - he just wants to get his head near other guy's crotches
by Soph July 13, 2004
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A cross between the words heterosexual and homosexual. Straight men that display stereotypically blatant homosexual and feminine mannerisms, (i.e. the "lisp", the limp wrist, many girl-friends, and the use of obscene quantities of facial and hair products) but are a actually believed to be straight due to the lack of evidence to the contrary.
Full Word - Hetmosexual
"I think RP might be gay. Do you hear the way he talks its almost like hes a girl. And he takes longer then one in the bathroom getting ready"
"Nah, I think he likes chicks. He's just Hetmo."
by Mike Doyle February 17, 2006
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