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Fly, gansta, crazy, weird, smart, caring, sexy,beautiful, alien, describable, funny, PERVERTED. Someone you can look up to and have fun with, outgoing person that you can chill with and never get tired of listening to. Talks a lot and is always near you when you need the comfort. She can lend you a shoulder when you need it and can even pay so that you can get out of jail. She is just someone that is very special in this world and that you will always need by your side to use as support. She never gives up and she has high standers for everyone. She is a very selfless person and treats people as she wishes to be treated. She will not take any shit from anyone and has a backbone that smacks people into there places, she can be a bitch, she can whine, but she is always someone that you can trust. She doesnt lie and when she does its to save her friends ass not herself. Thats what my name means. Hetachia.
James: Yo Jake, is Hetachia here? I need someone to talk to about this problem i have with my girlfriend.

Jake: No i think she is helping Alan with his homework, but its weird she doesnt have a love life.

James: Dont tell me she doesnt have one because then how can she help me with my problems?

Jake: She is just smart that way...
by Hetachia Momonoke May 27, 2011
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