Greek: Χέστα μέσα

Literally: Shit in!

Used to describe an awkward, stressful, dire, beyond any hope, and totally out of control situation with an extreme mentally painful and totally negative beyond repair outcome, where, consequently nothing can be done to fix or alter ones broken dignity, ego, and the painful reality around such an outcome, and therefore the mental scar lives with the so called "Hesta Mesa" perpetrator indefinitely.

Must not be confused with the English expression "shit!!", this would be an understatement. A "Hesta Mesa" occurrence is far more intense. When one shares, or, is observed during the course of a "Hesta Mesa" event, it's synonymous to attempting to tolerate an involuntary bowel movement, and further, as if the "Hesta Mesa" perpetrator was caught taking a "shit in" such event as it unfolded; all due to the mental stress of the event. It's this level of indignity and mental suffering that a perpetrator or victim of a "Hesta Mesa" event must endure and live with.

"Hesta Mesa" outcomes typically occur when one attempts something new, and, a lot of the times when one is out of their comfort zone, which makes it funny to an observer come victim.
Ay re! how are ya?!'s the new boat going re? 22ft huh!? Fantastic re!

Was actually 18ft ft re...but yeah n'not kala (good) re...took it out last s'savatokiriako (w'weekend)...w'was coming back in high s's'surf re...the w'wave come in too quick behind us, a'and, almost capsized us re...almost d'd'drowned giagia (grandma), but lucky I brought along my only life jacket and got g'g'gagia to wear it re...b' b'boat float a little while f'full with w'water re...but I was too c'close to the p'pier and the second wave s's'smashed it s's'sunk re...

O re malaka! hesta mesa!, will you buy another?

M'M'Maybe next year re...

Well make sure you don't take giagia re!
by May 19, 2017
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