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1) A combination of herpes and hepatitis, most commonly seen in women who, while inebriated, perform a number of sexual acts.

2) A hot woman, usually large-breasted, who most definitely has an std

3) An expletive to shout when fuck is inappropriate; most suitable around pseudo-intellectual crowds who like to think they're smarter than you.
1) Susan: "Hey Karen, you know how you are when you're don't want another outbreak of herpetitties!"

2) Mike: "Hey dude, she's hot!"
Ted: "Yeah, but I've seen her hook up with like 4 guys in one night."
Mike: "Oh wow...she's definitely got herpetitties."

3) Dude who just spilled champagne on his pants: "Herpetitties!"
Woman: "Darling, what did that young man just yell?"
Man: "I'm not sure sweetheart, but it sounds like he has some kind of virus that damages the liver and produces sores on the genitalia."
Woman: "I see."
by bobthevainglorious March 25, 2009
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