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This is when white male,elitists, work to derail ascending white men or boys of lower classes, in order to neutralize a potential power structure threat to the current elitists. The term comes from King Herod of the Bible, whom ordered the slaughter of males 2 years and under( trying to destroy Jesus), whom he felt was a threat to his power. They promote only white males of their class and tokenly promote women and minorities as they do not feel they are a threat to the current power structure. Male students in public schools are ignored and their normal boy to man maturity is stifled by a system bent on keeping them from challenging for an elitist position.
Although Joe had worked ,studied hard to get out of the poverty stricken trailer park , he never could make it to the circle of influence in the company because of the Herod Phenomenon.
by EHyde May 15, 2018
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